Huatsing Jiayuan 2bds(#9),

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  • Dear , Please read through the following items before you make the reservation payment:

    • Please make the payment within 30 mins, or the system will cancel this order automatically .

      After we receive your deposit, we’ll finalize your reservation with the landlord, it takes :

      2 hours if you deliver the request during 09:00 - 16:00 (Beijing time)

      4~10 hours if you deliver the request in other time

    • During this period, we'll double confirm with the landlord, approximately :

      90% of the chance it should be available, we'll pay the reservation deposit to the landlord, and then you'll get sample contract and be ready move in directly when you arrive Beijing. The reservation deposit will be part of your rent ;

      10% of the chance if the room were not available for you, we'll return your reservation deposit 100% via paypal within 2 working day. Then you can start over with other options.

    • Once we paid the deposit to the landlord and send you the final confirmation, either you or the landlord should keep this agreement, after that :

      If you break it, you'll lose your deposit to the landlord;

      If the landlord breaks it, he/she will return double of your deposit back to you.

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    Rental expense calculation

    Item Note Total amount First time payment
    Rent Paid every 3 months $1209 ¥ 78000 RMB ¥ 23400 RMB
    Reservation deposit 100% of 1 month rent ¥ 7800 RMB (¥7800Yuan) ¥ 7800 RMB
    Rental deposit 1 month rent ¥ 7800 RMB (¥7800Yuan) ¥ 7800 RMB
    Utilities Depends how much you use / /
    Commission 85% of 1 month rent ¥ 6630 RMB ¥ 6630 RMB

    Total amount

    92430 RMB (14330USD) ¥ 37830 RMB (5865USD)
    You need to select the rent and price .
    [Total expense calculator]

    7800 RMB/month

    General info : 74 Meter2 / /floor / south east
    Available starting date : 2016-07-10 ~ 2016-07-20
    Private space :

    Please choose your renting period :

  • more than 10months
  • Most of the landlords prefer longer contract, so usually short-term leasing is relatively more expensive.

    Sorry, there is no related apartment layout diagram .

    Comments from the landlord

    Hope you like this apartment!

    Basic Info

    Location : Wudaokou
    Compound : Huatsingjiayuan
    Address : Wudaokou Huatsingjiayuan, Haidian district, Beijing
    Area : 74 Meter2 Orientation : south east Room type : 2 bds
    Floor : / Subway : BusLine : 86 / 307 / 731

    Room Facilities

    Double bed (1.5m* 2m)
    Reading desk
    Air condition

    Public Facilities

    Washing machine
    Water heater
    Microwave oven
    Air condition
    Gas cooker
    Floor heating( in winter)

    Compound Intro

    Huatsingjiayuan ...

    Transportaion info

    To Tsinghua Uni

    Busline : It is just within 2 could walk to school within 10 minutes.
    Subway : /
    Bycicle : within 5 minutes
    Taxi : within 5 minutes

    To Peking Uni

    Busline : take bus 331,307,355,508 to Zhongguanyuan bus station which is just at the east gate of Peking Uni(It is just 2.4 kilometers,you could arrive with 20 mins)
    Subway : /
    Bycicle : about 20 mins
    Taxi : 20mins(about 15RMB taxi fee)

    To BLCU

    Busline : It is within 1 kilometers,you could walk there within 10 mins or take bus398 within 10mins
    Subway : /
    Bycicle : within 5mins
    Taxi : within 5mins

    To Renmin Uni

    Busline : You can take bus 731,355 within 30mins
    Subway : You may have to take line13 then turn to line10 then to line4,it is a little complicated,not suggested.
    Bycicle : about 20mins
    Taxi : It will take you 15mins for about 20RMB

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