What is the process if I wanna rent an apartment with Beijingbuddy
Step 1:  You can click the "Rentals" option to see all the potential options.

Step 2:  If you want to rent any of the options in the list, you can book a house online.

Step 3:  After you book the house, you should make the payment within 30 mins, otherwise the system will cancel it automatically.

Step 4:  After we receive your deposit, we need to finalize your reservation with the landlord(since it could be taken by others from other agent), it takes:
2 hours if you deliver the request during 09:00 - 16:00(Beijing time)
4~10 hours if you deliver the request in other time

Step 5:  After we paid the deposit to the landlord and send you the final confirmation, either you and the landlord should keep this agreement.
If you break it, you'll lose your deposit to the landlord;
If the landlord breaks it, he/she will return double of your deposit back to you.

Step6: When you arrive in Beijng, you can come to us to view the booked house, sign the contract with the landlord and pay the commission fee.
After sales service:7x24 calling available for ANY kinds of questions, deposit guarantee when you leave China, invite you to join different kinds of events organized by us (language partner party, welcome party etc.).