Should I be the one who pay the agency fee or the landlord?
It's actually a common question that many clients asked us before. The answer is very simple, it's all about price. If the landlord rent the price higher than the market price, he would surely love to pay some from the extra benefit as service fee to compensate the agent's good work (of course, if the price is GOOD enough, everything's possible), if the landlord rent it as same as or lower than the market price, he won't be willing to pay anything.So if you happen to choose an agent who don't charge anything, very likely you've paid more in the rent. Beijingbuddy dedicates on providing the best housing options (cover over 80% of the housing resource around campus) in terms of quality & price. So we do charge the service fee, and we'll ensure your benefit by providing the best service and the risk-free guarantee of your deposit until you leave China.